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Review: Three Swords by C L Warner A Legends of Asgard Novel

As always I want to thank Aconyte and netgalley for allowing me access to this ARC for a fair and honest review. As is no doubt obvious by now I am in love with nearly every title Aconyte release but I am a little biased to the Marvel lines, particularly The Legends of Asgard series. C L Werner’s The Sword of Surtur was brilliant and when I knew Three Swords was dealing with The Warriors Three I was extremely excited and was not overly disappointed.

This rip-roaring adventure is fast-paced and sure to keep anyone hooked, particularly any fan of Marvel’s Asgard or even Norse mythology and if you love both you are definitely in for a treat! As with all more ARC reviews I will try and avoid any major spoilers because there is no fun in that for anyone! I will however summarise the synopsis.

Three Swords follows The Warriors through time and space to save Asgard from magical villainy. While helping some rebels overthrow their tyrannical king, the Warriors Three meet an old seer who says they have been expecting and waiting for them. Weaving a tale of terror of a new treat posed to Asgard by three sorcerous bothers, known as The Enchanters, who are planning to create an army infused with magic to conquer Asgard. Of course not everything is easy, each Enchanter has a tower and each tower is spread throughout time and space. This does not stop the Warriors Three willing to risk  life and limb to stop these sorcerers before their home falls. Not everything is as it seems as someone plots in the shadows to strike just at the right time.

As with all the Legends of Asgard series you know you can expect action and Three Swords does not disappoint. From the very first chapter Werner sets the pace and showcases the Warriors skills. I have to confess Hogan the Grim has  always been my favourite of the warriors but Werner has actually made me like Fendral more than before – most likely with the wonderful tie in of a mixture of Marvel and folklore and while I will say no more…. I might be a Fendral fangirl now – just a little bit.

The writing and characterisation are a dream. I obviously love the comics but sometimes you can not get a full sense of a characters should it be apostrophe s internal thoughts or personality, at least not as in depth as you do in a novel and Werner aces it. Each of the Warriors shines in their own way and we see how they make such a terrific trio with their own skills and how they counter any weaknesses. It was really a wonderful read!

The only thing that I would have liked was it to be a little longer! I did find the ending left me wanting more. While the outcome of one event is hinted at I would rather have liked to have seen it myself but I think that is more because I was so in love with the writing style and story and wanted a little bit more. So it has nothing to do with bad writing, just me being a greedy reader!

This one is a definite re-read for me and must read for any fan of Marvel’s Asgardian canon, norse mythology or a good swashbuckling and rip-roaring action-adventure book. I have, as always, ordered the physical copy and will be recommending it to all my marvel and nerdy friends.

Aconyte Books are the novel division of Asmodee Entertainment. Asmodee Entertainment is based in an amazing building in Nottingham, England. The Star Brewery opened in 1852, producing beer for Shipstones until 1991.

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