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ARC Review: Shadow Avengers A Marvel Crisis Protocol Novel by Carrie Harris

Shadow Avengers is A Marvel Crisis Protocol Novel by Carrie Harris from Aconyte books as part of their world expanding tie-in fiction. Extending and expanding the wonderful of the tabletop hobby miniatures game set in the Marvel Universe and it most certainly does not disappoint!

Shadow Avengers sees earth on course for a devastaing invasion from the Dark Dimension, forcing the world’s mightiest heroes into unthinkable alliances. The Shadow Avengers were created by Doctor Strange to save the world from Dormammu, but instead they’re on the verge of dissolution. Suddenly weather anomalies across the world correspond with Asgardian heroes emerging from portals ripe with Dormammu’s magical signature, the Shade Avengers realise the ‘Master’ is making his move. Loki, Venom and Green Goblin are behind a ceremony plotting to open a portal big enough to encompass Dormammu’s Presence. From the Sanctum Sanctorum to the streets of NYC to beautiful Wakanda, the Shadow Avengers must stop Dormammu at any cost. Dormammu in  his all cunning wisdom has something far greater in store that will doom the world once and for all.

I have to say right from the first page I knew I would love this. I won’t lie I have a soft spot for Venom (and Eddie) so I knew it would be good, throw in Loki (who DOESN’T like Loki?) and I knew it was going to be great. Carrie Harris does what she does best fuses the high-octane action of the comics (and game) with everyday life and humour to create the perfect prose novel tie-in. Within the first few pages we are drawn right into the action and introduced to some of our anti-heroes, villains and heroes. I was hooked.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The characters, each one is perfect. Harris manages to capture their personality and voice wonderfully and even helps create sympathy for the ‘bad guys’ (or maybe that was just me!). The characterization of some of the most iconic characters in the marvel roster is so on point but it’s more than that, we get a deeper insight into them and their personality and it is just truly fantastic. While it is written beautifully it reads truly like a comic in terms of actions and pace but has the added bonus of going so much deeper in prose form.

As always with any review I don’t want to ruin the plot or spoil it but I will say I was extremely pleased to see my favourite female Asgardian make a cameo (if you know me, you know!). I will also say that the plot is tight and well paced and thought out. We slowly learn what is happening for alternative perspectives and to see how it all fits together with the Master’s plan is fantastic. I also adored and kind of hated how Spider-Man interacted with Venom and Eddie. Harris really invoked my love and hate of the webslinger in this book but more importantly she affirmed my love of Vemon as potentially one of Marvel’s best Anti-Heroes.

Honestly Shadow Avengers is a pure delight. It will definitely be enjoyed by fans of the books and showcases the wonderful possibilities the Crisis Protocol tabletop game holds. Not to mention we have a wonderful cast of characters.

Once again thank you for Aconyte and Netgalley for allowing me to review an ARC of this novel for a fair and honest review.

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