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ARC Review | Watch Dogs Daybreak Legacy by Stewart Hotston

Daybreak Legacy follows hot on the heels of Day Zero and ties wonderfully to the ‘end’ of the Watch Dog Legion videogame. I was happy to see the further connection to the game but loved to see Oliver and Rosemary (Ro) back. I enjoyed all the new characters introduced in Day Zero but did have a soft spot for Ro and Oliver. Of course we have Bagley, as always, and I still adore the touch of sass he brings in.

The political and social issues dealt with may be a tad difficult (or a bit too close to home) but Hotston handles them perfectly and respectfully. I personally enjoy books that deal with current issues since it only makes them more believable and is a great medium to highlight issues that need addressing. The tie in to Larsen and her legacy was also a nice touch and I adored the opening at the ending allowing for further expenses into the Watch Dogs canon.

As with Hotston’s other works the writing style is engaging and keeps you wanting to know more and the characters have so much depth that you cannot help to get invested. I particularly enjoy how each character compliments the others skills. All in all another wonderful entry to the Watch Dogs tie-in collection and I really hope there are more to come.

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