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ARC Review | The Veiled Masters by Tim Pratt

The Veiled Masters is the final installment in Tim Pratt’s wonderful Twilight Imperium trilogy.  With elements of a space opera combined with intrigue, espionage, the occasional laugh and a whole galaxy this series has been one of my favourites. While you do not necessary need to read the other two titles in this series to understand this final installment if you love Sci-Fi and any of the things I just mentioned you really should do! Also if you love Twilight Imperium but I thought that would be obvious. Pratt really brings the worlds of the game to life and I defy anyone not to enjoy these!

First of all lets address why I am slightly biased to this being my favourite in the series one of the main characters caught up in the shifting balance of power is a Hacan, a humanoid lion-like alien race which happens to be one of my favourite in the game. On top of this the novel is full of tension from the start. Unseen forces are destablising the whole galaxy. Controlling or replacing those who can help them again power. With it being almost impossible to know who you can trust or who is just a puppet on a string the tension and suspense does not let up.

On top of this tight plot we have a series of memorable and enjoyable characters some of which thankfully break up the tension and worry of this galaxy wide conspiracy with much needed sarcasm or tongue-in-cheek moments. I have to say I think all characters left an impression. Pratt’s writing is brilliantly smooth and he manages to bring something to each character that makes them get stuck in your head (in the best possible sense).

I am sad this series is over but I am incredibly happy we got to read and experience it. I also adored the ending which does leave the door open for us to return to the worlds of Twilight Imperium in the future!

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