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Book Review The Cat Behaviour Answer Book, 2nd Edition by Arden Moore

Firstly I want to start by thanking Netgalley, Arden Moore and Storey Publishing for giving me access to an ARC to review. As always my reviews are honest, fair and left voluntarily.

First it is confession time, I am a self-proclaimed cat lady. I grew up around cats, I had my first pet cat, although helped very much so by my mom, when I was around eight years old. I have had a cat in my life ever since. As such I love cat facts, books about cats, cat anything so when I saw there was an updated edition of this book coming out I was excited. I have to say I am not disappointed.

I will say some of the facts in this book may already be known by the avid cat fancier but as a reference book it is a perfect introduction for those delving into the wonderful world of cats. Even I found out some new facts I will be springing on anyone who gives me a chance to – proof that one you never stop learning and two this book is a brilliant reference to have. It is also perfect for new cat owners with hints, tips and explanations on how your cat may be behaving, why and what you can do to make your bond even stronger and your kitty even happier. I enjoyed the little anecdotes and writing style.

It’s true that some information found within this book could be gleaned from other sources, cat magazines, online forums and websites but I still believe this book is a brilliant piece of reference plus it’s all in one place, easy to access and personally I like to have a few good books on subjects than having to search online or numerous other sources. Even for a seasoned cat lover or owner I think you will find something in this book, I know I did.

Covering a range of topics including grooming, playtime, relaxing, traveling and administering medication to your cat as well as much more there may be something there you didn’t think of before. Of course each cat is different just like each person is but there are definitely some great starting points in this book for everyone no matter your level of cat knowledge or experience with felines. It is clear Arden is passionate about cats and is an experienced cat owner and I for one am grateful they have chosen to share some of their knowledge with us.

The only thing I think was a bit odd were some of the pictures didn’t seem to line up to what was being discussed, well not all the time. But they were pictures of cats so I can’t really complain! This is definitely a book I would and will be recommending to new cat owners, cat lovers and even those who already have had cats for a long time. I am sure they will potentially find out something they didn’t know or give them a different view on their feline friends. I will definitely be getting a physical copy when it is released.


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