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Book Tour Review Squirrel Girl: Universe: A Marvel Heroines Novel, By Tristan Palmgren


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is on a wild cosmic adventure to save the galaxy, in a Marvel Heroines action novel that is totally out of this world!

Squirrel Girl is in a pickle and a jam, a metaphor that mixes about as well as it tastes. She and her friends are lost in outer space, where there is a conspicuous absence of oxygen and, even more troubling, a shortage of squirrels. After hitching a ride on a passing space whale, Squirrel Girl and her trusty companions find themselves on a free-merchant space station and on the front line of a looming interstellar war. The stakes have never been so high, and trillions of lives are at risk! Luckily for the universe, Squirrel Girl is here to stand up against the odds and set things right across the galaxy.


Where do I start? Well first and foremost I suppose with the usual disclaimer. Firstly, I was kindly given access to this ARC for review and as always my review is felt voluntarily and is completely honest. Secondly, beyond a few character names and vague outline I never like to spoil full plots in my reviews whether it is an arc or already published. I am happy to discuss more in depth via dms or email.

Now on to the actual review. Tristian Palmgren is becoming one of my favourite authors in the world of tie-in fiction. With several marvel titles under their belt including my personal favourites Outlaw: Relentless and Siege of X-41. Squirrel Girl: Universe is no different. A Perfect rip-roaring space adventure with equally funny and serious moments and a host of memorable characters this is sure to become a firm favourite of Doreen’s fans!

Palmgren manages once again to merge the world of comics and prose fiction perfectly in that their story reads like a comic in terms of action and adventure but has the wonderful add on of wider character development (we get to see what characters are thinking and feeling more clearly than in the comic verse) and the superb and frankly hilarious footnotes by our heroine, Squirrel Girl and her wonderful editor, whom I won’t name but lets just say don’t make them too angry! I can’t remember laughing so much (unless I was reading a Deadpool comic or playing You Are (Not) Deadpool). That isn’t to say there is no seriousness to this novel because there is.

I also want to say a massive thank you to Palmgren for including Koi Boi, honestly one of my favourite superheroes who doesn’t get as much love as he should. But enough of that what about the story? Well it almost flawless. That isn’t to say it’s an easy journey for our heroes but it keeps you engaged, thinking and laughing as you follow the group through the universe to try and find a way home, all thanks to the Mad Tinker (another thank you for Palmgren for giving this villain a wonderful arc in the story!). Never one to be beaten even when seeming to be stranded in the midst of space Squirrel Girl and her group of trusty friends manage to hitch a ride of a space whale (who may have become my favourite character at TippyToe) and then end up in the middle of a potential interstellar war. All right before their finals!

But heroes aren’t easily beaten, with a host of wonderful characters including the smart but sometimes pessimistic Brain Drain, laid back Koi Boi, practical Chipmunk Hunk, Weapon crazed Mary, somewhat sensible fangirl Nancy, the cynical and rather unhelpful Mad Tinkerer and of course the amazing TippyToe Squirrel Girl and her friends are sure to find a way out of this mess while stopping the looming war along the way.

The way Tristan Palmgren manages to capture each characters personality so perfectly is a real testament to their skills but more so their understanding of their characters. Even the new ones we meet along the way like the space whale and the mysterious alien whom the gang meet along the way (sorry but I told you, no spoilers!). It is nearly impossible to not become invested in not only the characters but the growing issues around them. The links to both Squirrel Girls comics, helpfully explained by the editor or Doreen herself, along with events that may have happened only in passing. It is a refreshing to see a pseudo aware heroine who is not as full on as Deadpool but still self aware to some extent and I think it’s clear Palmgren had a lot of fun with this which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Needless to say this is a must read for a Squirrel Girl fan but also marvel fan in general or just enjoying the Marvel Heroines series. I would also recommend to fans of fun, rip-roaring space escapades, you don’t need to be a die hard fan to enjoy this and I honestly adore that about it as well.

The book will be out in August  in ebook and I will definitely be getting a hard copy.

About the Author

 Please note Tristan Palmgren uses They/Them pronouns

Tristan Palmgren is the author of the critically acclaimed genre-wrapping blend of historical fiction and space-opera novel Quietus, and its sequal Terminus. They live with their partner in Columbia, Missouri.

About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media for over eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing, publishing, games, and digital media.

For more information visit © 2022 MARVEL

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