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Review The rise of Azure Spire by J. Edward Hackett

As always I want to start by saying that I was given a copy of this to review as part of a @lovebooktours book tour. My review is honest and left voluntarily. #LBTCrew #Ad #Gifted #LoveBooksTours

Tied with Horror, Fantasy is one of my favourite genres. The Rise of the Azure Spire is book two in the Ravenhawk Chronicles and was a joy to read. With all the elements that can make fantasy great J. Edward Hackett makes a wonderfully vivid fantasy world and creates a gripping tale.

The second instalment sees King Darnashi under control of necromancy wielded by Prime Magus Encheron. A plot to make the wizardlord’s pledge their allegiance. The Elves of Zalanthas have thrown their support behind Kal but he made by more Allurian than they feel. Kal’s dreams connect him to his tortured brother and the tides of ware begin to change. While the Alluria and Zalanthas fight their war, Encheron is making deals with the Shadowlord to make his own claim but when he offers the Heart of Creation he may have doomed all.

As I already said J. Edward Hackett makes a perfect fantasy world that has all the elements I love. Being also a horror fan I am always partial to a good story about necromancers, armies of undead and Shadowlord’s and let me tell you Hackett delivers. The world is beautifully created with a stellar cast of characters and races. The story was tightly woven and meant that I could hardly put this one down. I really liked Kal and often I find that I end up preferring a side character to one of the main protagonists but it wasn’t the case here.

This is definitely a must read, but make sure you read book one as well! That said you don’t fully need to have read that to ensure the Rise of the Azure spire but it does make it all make a bit more sense. I really hope we get more added to the chronicles in the future and will definitely be looking out for whatever else J. Edward Hackett puts out there! If you enjoy good fantasy series like Le Guin’s Eathsea Cycle or Christopher Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle you will love The Ravenhawk Chronicles which is full of adventure, magic and a wonderfully imagined world!


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