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Arc Review Black Panther Panther’s Rage by Sheree Renee Thomas

I firstly want to thank Titan Book and Netgalley for sending me an E-Arc this book to review. My review is left voluntarily and is completely honest. And as usual I avoid spoilers in my reviews.

It should be said while this is a re-imagining and done well it draws a lot from the source material of Don McGregor’s original storyline from the 1970’s. While respectful of the source material Sheree Renee Thomas manages to make the story their own. We join T’Challa has he returns to Wakanda to show Monica Lynne (his girlfriend and future finance) his homeland. He expects to showcase the greatness of Wakanda and it’s people but instead he finds unrest rising within his borders. Slowly The Black Panther begins to reveal the threads and threat of growing rebellion at the hands at Eric Killmonger.

I believe this prose novel is a good stepping stone into the comic verse Black Panther and probably aimed at a young adult audience but I enjoyed it immensely. As with comics themselves there are a few bits and pieces that do require the suspension of disbelief but after all that is what good fiction is.  Personally I enjoyed the writing style, pace and mix of action with more ‘mundane’ life. I also adored the expansion of Wakanda, learning more about their customs and land.

As already said this is a perfect stepping stone into the Black Panther character. I would recommend looking into the Don McGregor run after reading this so you can see how faithful Thomas is to the T’Challa of those stories. I really hope we see more of T’Challa’s adventures in the future brought to life in prose form!


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