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Book Review The Prisoner of Tartarus by Richard Lee Byers

As always I want to start by saying that I was given a copy of this to review. My review is honest and left voluntarily and avoids spoilers. #MarvelEnt #Marvel #AconyteBooks #Netgalley #ThePrisonerofTartarus #RichardLeeByers

I have to confess that out of the numerous worlds, heroes and villains within the multiple Marvel Universes those that deal with the Asgardians and other real world myths are some of my favourites. Richard Lee Byers Heimdall trilogy ticks all the boxes you could ask for about the Asgardian heroes (and villains). They have been a joy to read and while I am sad this set has come to an end I hope we do see more in the future!

Despite the book being the third and final instalment in the trilogy it does equally stand up on its own. Although references are made to Heimdall’s previous adventures a new reader could easily enjoy this novel without reading the other two but I highly recommend reading both the Head of Mimir and The Rebels of Vanaheim because you will not be disappointed.

The Prisoner of Tartarus sees Byers combine Marvel pantheons with the introduction of the Greco-Roman inspired gods and heroes. We join a Heimdall we have not seen before now; deprived of his Gjallarhorn, the enchanted sword Holfund, his winged steed and worst of all his memories Heimdall has to flee across the underworld of Tartarus with the minions of the dark god Pluto in hot pursuit. His only friend is Kamorr a Blackhammer dwarf who aims to help Heimdall piece together his memory and escape the realm. But it is not just his amnesia that is the threat. The dark elf Malekith has plans to corrupt the newly created Bifrost. Thus Heimdall is thrust into a race against time to defeat Malekith and his allies before they can use the Rainbow Bridge to destroy both Asgard and Midgard!

This final novel has all the trademarks you may have come to expect. Fast paced action, tension and suspense and a wonderfully brought to life Heimdall. I will go as far to say that Byers has truly made Heimdall his own while staying true to the source material, Marvel and Norse mythology alike. We get to see Heimdall both at his weakest, not physically but without his memories and full faculties, and also see the keen sense and love of knowledge that lead him to be imprisoned in Tartarus to begin with. I adored the dark edge this novel took, of course being set in the underworld did help, but at certain points this bordered on horror and I adored it!

As a bit of a mythology geek (aren’t we all?) I adored the inclusion of other pantheons and further links to the Marvel universe. The creatures Heimdall encounters from the other pantheon also made me so happy although tense to see if he would survive! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect cross over! But arguably the best part because I am completely biased was Amora being there and I know I saw no spoilers but seeing her join in the action was just, perfection!

I feel that even if you have no knowledge of the Marvel universe or even are coming to it from something like the cinematic universe you would find it hard to not enjoy this novel and the trilogy as a whole. It’s full of all the trappings of a great fantasy series, combining myths and magic, action and adventure, a group of friends working together and more. It’s hard to find something not to like…Maybe the fact this series is over?

On one final note the other thing I have adored about this series is how it is framed in the old Norse oral tradition. All the tales start with one of the warriors three recounting one of Heimdall’s adventures to teach an important lesson to one of the younger generation, this touch is what first drew me in to the Head of Mimir and of course Heimdall himself (and Amore – but I am biased remember!). It is a little touch that completely hooked me in.

So to finally draw this review to a close while I am sad this series is over that centres fully on Heimdall I am hopeful that Byers will continue to work with Aconyte and perhaps has he hinted in his author’s note we might see more Pantheon centred work in the future. But if you love Marvel’s Asgardians, Action and Adventure, Myths and magic or just good old fantasy you are sure to love this novel and all the others in the Legends of Asgard Series!

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