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Review Forestfall by Lyndall Clipstone

As always I want to start by saying that I was given a copy of this to review. My review is honest and left voluntarily and avoids spoilers. #TitanBooks #Forestfall #LyndallClipstone #Lakesedge #Netgalley

Forestfall is the hauntingly beautiful sequel to Lakesedge. Following the lives of Violeta and Rowan as they try to pick up the pieces after the climax of Lakesedge. The curse had been broken but it took Violeta to sacrifice everything to ensure the Corruption did not return.

To escape her fate of death Leta makes a bargain with the Lord Under, one that sees her living by his side and while he claims to give her everything he promised something pulls Leta away. Discovering herself still bound to Rowan, Leta stops at nothing to try and reforge their connection but it is not just the Lord Under Leta will have to overcome to make her way back home but things are never easy, less so when there is the pull of a new, dark power.

Forestfall takes all that made Lakesedge stand out making it one of my favourite reads and Forestfall arguably doubles it. An atmospheric and mesmerising sequel, Clipstone takes us deeper into the enchanting darkness. It is lush and beautiful, with a deeper glimpse into the land of the Dead. I have to say I may have adored this just a touch more than Lakesedge. I loved that old characters returned but the inclusion of the new ones as well namely Lord Under’s sisters.

I adored the darkness in this book, it was dangerous but beautiful. Clipstone is a master at crafting a macabre world and bringing it to life. You are easily transported to the locations in your mind and the writing style flows in such a way that you cannot help but be hooked.

Another factor I loved was the dual point of views in the book of Leta and Rowan. To get a deeper insight into Rowan and his love for Leta was just perfection. Continuing touches of the maiden and monster trope I adored seeing this evolve in the second book. In short this duology is arguably one of my favourites. It has elements of the classic gothic tales, beautiful and haunting locations, and a love that can even conquer death.

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