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Book Review The Stars Beyond A Twilight Imperium Anthology by Robbie MacNiven, M Darusha Wehm, Tim Pratt, Alex Acks, Danie Ware, Sarah Cawkwell

As always I want to start by saying that I was given a copy of this to review as part of a @AconyteBooks book tour. My review is honest and left voluntarily. #NetGalley #AconyteBooks #TheTwilightImperium

If you love Space Operas, are a fan of the Twilight Imperium games and lore, or Tim Pratt’s brilliant Twilight Imperium trilogy also by Aconyte (or all three things) you will want or perhaps need to read this collection. As with most tie-in fiction it does obviously help if you enjoy the universe and canon they are based in but I do believe these short stories and Pratt’s trilogy can be enjoyed by those who may not have played the game or know a lot of the universe but of course it will help.

One thing I really am in enjoying about Aconyte anthologies to date is none seem to contain that one story that is just okay or perhaps not even very good at all. So far all of them have been brilliant but I do have my favourites. I particularly liked ‘A Ghost of a Chance’ myself and if I had to pick a favourite it might be that one but it’s so hard to narrow it down.

Each author clearly knows what they are writing about and working with and combine the source material with their own skills to create enjoyable and memorable short stories. Despite containing races and instances from the game and lore it is easy to read to these as a space opera or a stepping stone into Twilight Imperium. The stories all stand alone perfectly and capture the feel of the genre.

I will definitely be adding an hardcopy to my collection at some point once it is available and will be re-reading.


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