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Book Review The Restless Dark by Erica Waters

I am a tad later with this review. Unfortunately the wonderful ARC from Harper360YA arrived while I was on holiday in the US but despite starting it towards the end of October this was a perfect mix of suspense with a sprinkle of supernatural. My review is honest and left voluntarily and avoids spoilers. #Harper360 #EricaWaters #TheRestlessDark #BookReview

The Restless Dark centres around the infamous Cloudkiss Killer who died after jumping into Cloudkiss Canyon. Now a true-crime podcast is hosting a contest to try and find his bones. Enter three central characters; Lucy who was almost the serial killer’s final victim, Carolina a true-crime fan who fears her own rage and Maggie a psychology student with a little too much to hide. All of them are hoping to find answers, for a place to bury secrets or to make a new identity. It isn’t just bones hiding in the mist and fog of the canyon, sometimes it can lead to discovering the darkness inside.

I have to say I was excited to read this one and was so thankful to get an ARC. It ticks a lot of my boxes with the perfect amount of creepiness. It is atmospheric and perfect for a fall or winter read. Waters writing style is beautiful yet simple and easily engaging. I adored the different points of view of the protagonists and found it easy to become connected to their stories. I actually surprisingly came to like Carolina the most but all characters were memorable and their motivations and personalities shine through.

The story is tightly woven together and blends psychological horror with supernatural and suspense to create a brilliantly dark and atmospheric read. I loved how certain elements played out and read like a slasher-esque film without the gore. So it is perfect for those who want the chills but maybe not the violence that sometimes comes with the horror and darker genre. I know I avoid spoilers but I am a little sad that some people walked away unharmed, namely the podcast presenters but I do understand why it happens.

All in all this lived up and exceeding my expectations. I love Waters writing style and their ability to combine creepiness with memorable characters and a wonderful writing style. A perfect read for fall or winter while snuggled under a blanket with a warm drink (pumpkin spice for me!) of choice. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends who love this genre and also has a great entry to the more supernatural and darker fiction genre as well.

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