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Book Review Heart of the Sun Warrior by Sue Lynn Tan

As always I want to start by saying that I was given an ARC copy of this to review via Netgalley. My review is honest and left voluntarily. #NetGalley #Gifted #HarperCollins #HeartofTheSunWarrior #SueLynnTan

Heart of the Sun Warrior is the brilliant conclusion to the Celestial Kingdom Duology and while I am not sure it fully lives up to the first installment Daughter of the Moon Goddess it was still a brilliant conclusion. The Celestial Kingdom Duology is a deeply enchanting fantasy tale with a heart-warming undertone and beautifully entwined with Chinese mythology.

The way Sue Lynn Tan writes is beautiful and fits the fantasy theme so well. I enjoyed further following Xingyin’s journey and how she overcomes twists and turns along the way. One thing I did enjoy in this novel was the focus on the characters. We see a lot more of their relationships with each other and how events affect this. I was not fully sold on the romantic parts but I think that is more my own preference than anything else.

Heart of the Sun Warrior continues more than just the tradition of beautiful, flowing writing, with twists and turns within the novel and the occasional easter egg here and there which was also enjoyable. The pacing I found suited the kind of story it is as well and didn’t make me lose interest.

All in all this was a wonderful conclusion to the duology and I cannot wait to see what Tan brings us next.


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