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Book Review The Empress of Time (The Keeper of Night Duology Book 2) by Kylie Lee Baker

As always I want to start by saying that I was given a copy of this to review by Harper360. My review is honest and left voluntarily. #Harper360 #Ad #Gifted #TheEmpressofTime #KylieLeeBaker #TheKeeperOfNight

I feel I should start by saying I love Japanese myths and legends, and the culture as a whole so most books dealing with Japan in anyway way shape or form I try to read. The Keeper of Night Duology just so happens to be perfect for ticking all my boxes. I wasn’t sure if the second book would live up to the first but I honestly think it might be a tad better!

The Empress of Time sees Ren Scarborough, Half British Reaper, half Japanese Shinigami evolve from the girl who was chased out of England to the Goddess of Death ruling Japan’s underworld. But all is not easy, her Shinigami see her as a foreigner on the throne, her brother is gone – lost to the deep darkness, and her fiancé, Hiro, has been killed by her own hand. If things could not get worse Ren discovers that Reapers have been spotted in Japan, and it’s only a matter of time before Ivy, now Britain’s Death Goddess, comes for revenge.

Ren tries to appeal to the god of storms and seas, who can turn the tides and send Ivy’s ship away but he will only help if Ren can reclaim a sword lost thousands of years ago. An impossible task. But together with the moon god Tsukuyomi, who shares a striking resemblance to his brother Hiro, Ren ventures across the country in a race against time. In the middle of scheming gods and dangerous Yokai Ren has to learn who she can truly trust before it’s too late and the fate of Japan hangs in the balance.

I will say that The Empress of Time should really be read after The Keeper of Night to truly understand the story and what is going on. Following on from The Keeper of Night, The Empress of Time continues to capture the dark and allure of the darker side of the Japan’s myths and legends. Baker has a knack for making her dark description of Ren’s acts as Goddess of Death be almost bewitching in the way they are written.

The characters are vivid, believable and likeable even though they may not be the nicest in the world, Ren is taking souls of course, but the depth of the world she inhabits it makes sense. The other characters and references to Yokai and gods is wonderful and helps bring Bakers world to life. All in all The Empress of Time was a perfect follow on to The Keeper of Night and one I am sure you will enjoy if you love Japanese myth and legends and a good dark fantasy.


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