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Book Tour Tom Clancy’s The Division: Compromised

As always, with book tours I want to say I was gifted a copy of this book to review by The Book Network and Aconyte Books as well as on Netgalley. My reviews are always a 100% honest and contain my own opinions. #NetGalley #BookTourReview #TheBookNetwork #ThomasParrott #TomClancysTheDivisionCompromised

The Division Compromised is the second tie-in instalment by Thomas Parrott and arguably might be better than the first. Since the Green Poison pandemic transformed the United States for the worse the Division have been working to help bring the nation back from the brink of collapse. It isn’t easy but for the Division it is worth it. The new food infrastructure is starting to bring hope…until agent Maria Kanhai finds that there is a growing disruption in the critical Texan oil refineries. A group of environmental extremists set on keeping the newly transformed world free of fossil fuels. Maria’s Division cell is dispatched to secure the area they discover yet another issue; a private military outfit have started to act as warlords in the hurricane-ravaged communities. As tensions begin to reach breaking point between the fractions an old enemy emerges intending to destroy the Division for good. Growing pressures mount forcing Maria to make an ultimate choice that will either see her become an hero or a villain and question what the Division stands for.

I want to say first of all that Thomas Parrott has captured the world of The Division universe and brings it to life while also making it his own. Sometimes, although I must confess I have not found it in any Aconyte titles to date, tie in fiction can read a little cut and dry. Almost like a literal retelling of the game, movie or whatever it may be connected to and not really bring anything new to the table. That is not the case here. Parrott’s world is full of action, suspense and well rounded, believable characters who you really become attached to. Call me weird but while Maria is amazing, Leo is my favourite but I digress. The characters are human, believable and it is almost like you are right there in the action with them. We get humour, we get banter, we get conflict and all those good things that make action and close knit teams work. That said even the ‘bad guys’ are likeable and human in some ways. I was in no way routing for them but Parrott makes them rounded so their beliefs and actions make sense when you consider the person themselves.

I have to say the action and suspense is spot on and captures the action of the game perfectly. On top of that it is so easy to visualise while reading. It isn’t the fact that Parrott tells you but writes in such a way it’s easy to visualise just what is happening. Now we know I don’t like putting spoilers but that ending was amazing and I cannot wait to see what Parrott has in store next for the characters and us readers! If you love the Division games or a brilliant action novel this is the one for you after you have read the first one, Recruited.


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