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Book Review The Tower of Nerek by David Guymer

As always, with book tours I want to say I was given access to a copy of this book to review on netgalley by Aconyte Books. My reviews are always a 100% honest and contain my own opinions. #NetGalley #BookTourReview #TheBookNetwork #DavidGuymer #TheTowerofNerek #DescentLegendsofTheDark

The Tower of Nerek is a brilliant fantasy with all the good elements of an RPG on which it is based including characters sometimes disagreeing on the correct course of action. Surely that happens in other people’s sessions right? But putting that aside lets first look at what The Tower of Nerek is about. Nerekhall is a city of paranoia and fear. A city where the harsh and unbending rule of the law is enforced by unfeeling automata called the Ironbound. When Andira Runehand and her Companion, Trenloe the Strong are drawn to the city due to recurring nightmares they soon find themselves caught up in a sinister plot and unable to escape. Both have very different ideas of what it means to be a hero, and both must learn to trust each other if they plan to make it out. For in an uneasy alliance concocts a dark plan in the city’s infamous tower to open a portal and summon a demonic power, the likes of which has never set foot in Terrinoth.

The story is brilliantly crafted and works perfectly in the setting of Descent. The characters are varied and work wonderful together to create banter and a rag tag group of adventures which perfectly captures the RPG setting and creates some brilliant bits of dialogue and interaction. Despite their being a large cast and a lot going on I feel that Guymer manages to keep everything succinctly tied together and on course. If you are used to playing RPGs or reading epic fantasy it definitely won’t be a problem to keep track even the midst of the action. Which is perfection by the way. Guymer’s writing of the action elements is superb and really puts you in the centre of it all. A definite must read for fantasy fans and Decent fans alike. The perfect blend of magic, mayhem and action as well as a memorable characters. I really hope we see more of these characters in the future and continue to expand the world of Descent.


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