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Book Review Dracula’s Guests an Anthology by Hellbound Books curated by Chris McAuley

I’ll start with usual preface to my reviews, they are always 100% honest and my own opinions. I will try to never fully spoil a plot. This particular copy I was given access to a copy to review by Henry Roi PR and Hellbound Books. #HellBoundBooks #HenryRoiPR #DraculasGuests

This anthology was designed to honour the 125th Anniversary of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and I believe it is safe to safe it delivers and then some. With some anthologies it is usually expected to find some hits and some misses but with Dracula’s Guests, although not each story was a favourite, I enjoyed each one. There really is something for everyone who is a fan of vampire fiction. We aren’t talking sparkling vampires here. Each story delivers and while some show the more ‘human’ side of the supernatural beings there is no doubt they are apex predators. Some stories offer gore and violence, others heartache.

Of course it’s an anthology but I adored the length of the stories allowing you to devour (pun intended) one in a short period of time or several if you have longer to read. As I said none where misses for me although I preferred some to others. I particularly loved All The Missing by Paul Wilson, All The Way by Eamonn Murphy and Curse of Avalon by Anthony Regolino (arguably my ultimate favourite in this collection). But all the entries are most definitely worthy to be here. Each author brings their own version of the blood thirsty supernatural creatures to life. Each with their own take on the vampire myth and all executed perfectly.

This anthology was a joy to read and I will definitely be directly my fellow vampire lovers to this collection. It ticks all the boxes. Any fan of the vampire (baring the sparkling kind) are sure to find something for them and maybe even something they didn’t expect at all. A killer collection which clearly was put together with care and understanding of the myths surrounding this figures that still fascinate us today.


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