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Book Tour Review The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by Amber Logan

As always my reviews are always 100% honest and my own opinions. I will try to never fully spoil a plot. This particular copy I was given access to a copy to review as part of a book tour by Henry Roi PR Book Tours. #HenryRoiPR #HenryRoiPRBookTour #TheSecretGardenOfYanagiInn #AmberLogan #BookTour

I want to start by saying I absolutely adored this book. It is beautifully written and it deals with grief in such a touching way. I will also say that as someone who loves Japan and it’s culture it is clear that Logan has done their research and tackles the culture with respect and dignity. Japan has a wonderful culture of ghost stories and I have to say Logan’s retelling captures the subtleties of this tradition.

While I have actually never read The Secret Garden I have to say this retelling has made me want to and I have added it to my ever growing to be read list. In Logan’s retelling we follow Mari Lennox who is still grieving her mother’s death. She travels to Kyoto, Japan to take photographs of the Yanagi Inn for a client. But as she explores the ground and inn her camera begins to captures striking images and she begins to uncover layers of mystery shrouding the old resort. Including the overgrown and forgotten secret garden on a forbidden island. Mari then begins to hear an eerie weeping no one else seems to which starts to keep her awake at night.

Wanting to solve this mystery and despite the warning of the staff Mari begins to search the deep recesses of the old building to discover who or what is causing the ghostly sound only to realise that her ties to the Inn are deeper than she knew including its forlorn garden and the secret within.

Now as I already said I adored Japan. I also love horror and while it doesn’t have the exact same feel I did get reminded of one of my favourite video game series, Fatal Frame with the use of the camera to reveal the history and mysteries of locations. I also adored how Logan deals with the idea of grief in this novel. In fact it is hard to find something I didn’t like. The pacing was perfect and kept you hoped, the atmosphere and tone fitted the genre perfectly and I didn’t see the slight twist coming. If you are looking for a beautiful, emotional and ghostly story this is definitely for you. I am so thankful I was able to find this hidden gem and will be recommending it to anyone who will listen. I know it is only January but I am sure I am safe to say this will be one of my top ten of 2023.


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