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ARC Review Zombicide Black Plague  Isle of The Undead by C L Werner

I was given a copy to review via Netgalley and Aconyte Books. My reviews are always honest and all opinions are my own. #IsleofTheUndead #ZombicideBlackPlague #CLWerner #Netgalley #AconyteBooks   #BookReview

Is this the second entry to the Zombicide Black Plague tie in line by Aconyte Books and C L Werner and while personally I am still not over the death of a certain wizard and his familiar in the first novel I can honestly say it was a cracking follow on.

We rejoin Knight Alaric von Mertz and the remaining companions has they have to flee their crumbling sanctuary. They find themselves under the wing of a group of murderous pirates from who they learn of a legendary artifact called Mounshroud that could destroy swathes of the undead. But finding the artifact will not be easy to do so they must defeat an evil sorceress on an isolated island and worse still guarded by a dragon. Alaric’s honour means he must defend his kingdom no matter the cost but as the undead close in a familiar evil returns to get revenge on Alaric and all he holds dear.

While this is a sequel I would say you could easily pick up the novel without reading the first one, however I highly recommend you read the other first to get a better understanding of the characters and dynamic of the group. We do see the characters develop further in this one while still sticking to the game and fantasy archetypes which I don’t believe is a bad thing at all. The pacing is very full on in this entry compared to the first but given that we are in a fantasy apocalypse I feel it matches the genre very well. Whereas previously we were seeing the start of the black plague we are now very much in the middle of the onslaught of undead and those who still survive have to continue to fight to do so.

C L Werner is brilliant at bringing this genre to life and I particularly loved that we got to see a dragon in action in this one. Who doesn’t love a dragon thrown into the mix?! All in all I really enjoyed this one. If you love fantasy, zombies and action you will not be disappointed by this at all.  


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