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ARC Review The Lake House by Sarah Beth Durst

I was given an ARC by @harper360ya to review. My reviews are always honest and all opinions are my own. #TheLakeHouse #SarahBethDurst #Harper360 #Horror #Paranormal #Survival #BookReview #gifted #ARCReview @harper360uk

The Lake House is a marvellous young adult horror thriller with a generous helping of survival thrown in. We are introduced to three protagonists Claire, Mariana and Reyva. Claire has grown up always triple checking locks and looking for the worst case scenario, Mariana the happy one who is always underestimated and Revya who hides her emotions under a prickly exterior. The trio meet under unextraordinary circumstances being late to an off-the-grid summer camp but when they arrive they find the Lake House is nothing but a burnt out shell and there are no other campers to be found. It’s only when they discover a dead body in the woods they realise this isn’t just some terrible accident. Something, or someone, did this and now they are hunting them.

So first things first I have to say the atmosphere in this is top tier. I love novels set in woods or forests, add in paranormal, horror or fantasy and I’m sold and The Lake house does not disappoint in it’s setting. You quickly get a sense of the surroundings, of how bleak an outlook it appears for our protagonists and it quickly builds the tension. Add to this the something or someone stalking the girls and I was hooked. The other thing I adored, which I know Durst mentions in her author’s note, was the relationship that formed between the girls. While it is under extreme circumstances and almost forced proximity it was so believable and beautiful the way they began to open up to each other about their perceived flaws and weaknesses and looked out for each other. I also have to say I loved each of the girls. They were extremely human and that made me bond with them rather quickly although surprisingly Mariana became my favourite, if I had to choose.

I also liked the horror and thriller elements Durst brings to her work. While not in your face the horror is subtle and builds to a brilliant finish. It’s not overly graphic but there is some rather horrific descriptions in there as well which as a horror fan I adored. I also loved the survival element. Basically I loved it all! With a brilliant trio of characters, great plot and pacing and just the right amount of horror and survival this is one you will not want to miss.


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  1. Great post
    Great book review! The Lake House seems like an amazing horror thriller that can keep the reader hooked from start to finish. The descriptions of the setting, characters, and plot have definitely piqued my interest.
    The Survivalist Prepper


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