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Book Review Godkiller by Hannah Kaner

As always my reviews are always 100% honest and my own opinions. I will try to never fully spoil a plot. This particular copy I was given access to a copy to review by Netgalley. #HarperVoyager #NetGalley #GodKiller #HannahKaner  #BookReview

Godkiller by Hannah Kaner is a brilliant debut novel and I cannot wait to see where the characters stories go. We follow Kissen who is a Godkiller which is exactly how it sounds, she kills gods for a living. She enjoys it too. Her motivation stems from her childhood when Zealots sacrificed her family to appease their god. Since then she hasn’t found a god she cannot kill until she meets Skediceth, god of white lies, who is connected to a noble young girl on the run. Along their way they meet Elogast who fought in the god war and helped purge the city of a thousand shrines before laying down his sword. A request from his King sees him racing back to the city he destroyed but when he meets the godkiller, a young girl and her small god he is unsure what to think but knows they cannot find out about his quest.

I went into this expecting to enjoy it but I came away loving it. Godkiller is wholly original but gives very strong ‘The Witcher’ vibes which is one of my favourite book series. I particularly loved the characters which is saying something because normally younger characters irritate to me to no end but that was not the case here. I actually think I liked all the characters, even the ‘bad’ ones, due to their depth and personality.

Kaner’s world building is brilliant and while some fantasy tropes are there, she really makes it her own. I adored learning about the different gods, their worshippers and shrines and how Kissen (or other Godkillers) fit in  to the world. I really hope this is expanded upon in the future as well but there is already a lot there.

I adored the pacing as well and found the introducing of characters fitting to the plot and pace. Add into this the different points of view and it creates a well-written depth to the story and keeps us engaged, well it did me. We get a few twists along the way as well and the ending was also brilliantly done even if a slight cliff hanger.

I honestly adored this book, so much so I will be getting a physical copy and picking up future works by Kaner.


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