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Book Review Lair of the Crystal Fang An Arkham Horror Novel by S A Sidor

As always I want to start by saying that I was given an ARC copy of this to review by @AconyteBooks. My review is honest and left voluntarily. #AconyteBooks #Ad #Gifted #ArkhamHorror #TheLairofTheCrystalFang #SASidor

Is it possible to not love one of Aconyte’s Arkham Horror novels? Maybe but when you love Horror, Lovecraft and the Arkham Horror games it’s hard NOT to love it. Even more so when you had in some pulp goodness to the mix. S. A. Sidor knows what they are doing when it comes to these genres and Lair of the Crystal Fang delivers.

Following on from the Cult of the Spider Queen but ultimately standing alone the latest entry in the Arkham line up sees excavators uncover a crystalline formation swirling in the sewers beneath the city, a formation that could be connected to dark events of the city’s past. The discovery, of course makes headlines but so do the series of bizarre murders that are taking place. With no solid leads the Arkham police are always one step behind. Enter the journalist Andy Van Nortwick who acting on an hunch reunites with adventurer Jake Williams and the struggling filmmaker Maude Brion to unearth the truth. The trio are more than familiar with the supernatural horrors that lurk beyond our world and the reality haunts them still. But with time running out they might face their nightmares and help save the city before Arkham is lost in a wave of blood and chaos.

If you are looking for a brilliant and pulpy novel look no further. Sidor’s writing suits the story and setting perfectly mixing the creepy horror and pulpy action to create something that you are hardly able to put down. The characters are wonderfully flawed, each recovering realistically from discovering what cosmic and eldritch horrors are out there but they over come this to work together and try and save their city. The descriptive writing is wonderful at setting the scene and making your skin crawl (in a good way!). And while it does reference The Cult of the Spider Queen I do think this could be read stand alone as well. Another brilliant entry with a perfect mix of action, horror and a real sense of historical period. Even if you haven’t played the Arkham games or aren’t really a fan but love a good action novel then I think this is one you are sure to love!

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